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Finding Unregistered Land Owners

Finding Unregistered Land Owners is a difficult task for a number of reasons. This article has been written to help you understand some of the complex issues surrounding unregistered land and finding the owners. This article has been written by John Arko a UK...

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Tracing Your Sister

This post has been written by Ryan Shaw of People Tracing Experts, specialists in finding long lost family by tracing them to their current address. This is the story of a trace he did for one of our customers, Julie had never met her Dad but it was her half-sister...

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Taking a Tenant To Court

HOW TO TAKE A TENANT TO COURT Taking a tenant to court is not much fun and it can be an expensive process. This blog post is an extract from our AfterCare pack. Our Aftercare pack is provided with all our in-depth tenant tracingreports. The blog post has been written...

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How To Find Information On Someone

How to find information on someone is something that a lot of people wonder. What can you find out? And how do you obtain the information. As a professional people tracer my job is to find out information about people all day every day via our tracing services. So if...

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Skip Tracing In The UK

This article has been written by Ryan Shaw, Debtor Tracing Expert. Ryan and his team were nominated for Debtor Tracing Team of the year at the 2012 Debt Collection Awards in Manchester. This article is designed to give information and advice on skip tracing and skip...

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How To Find Someone

How to find someone is a common question to ask and I’m going to try and answer it here with some hints and tips about the best ways to find lost relatives that you have lost touch with because there is so much that you can do. My name is David Oates, I’m the head...

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Welsh Councils Gone Mad?

According to this story on the BBC - councils in wales wrote off over 8.5 million in business rates and 6.6m in council tax debt in the last financial year! We’re based in Leeds but it will be the same story throughout the...

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Tracing Birth Parents

Tracing birth parents is easy if you have the key information you need to find them. In this video Dave Oates, head researcher at FinderMonkey and author of “Long Lost Family Tracing” talks about the key information and where you can get it from. So what’s the key...

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Long Lost Family Tracing

LONG LOST FAMILY TRACING BY DAVID OATES - OUR NEW BOOK, NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON KINDLE! Long Lost Family Tracing by David Oates - Our new book, now available on Amazon Kindle! Long Lost Family Tracing by David Oates - Our new book, now available on Amazon Kindle!...

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