David Oates our head researcher and one of the UK’s most respected people tracing experts explains why he believes he can find almost anyone in the UK. Tracing them through their life to a current address.

If you place an enquiry with us to find a person you have lost touch with, it will be David and his team who conduct your search. They find people in over 89% of cases.

Further to the video, here in his own words, David explains why he believes him and his team WILL be able to help you…

“When some people come to us they don’t think that we are going to be able to help them. Many people think they can do everything themselves or they just don’t think they have enough information to make tracing the person possible. I’m trying to make sure that people understand that we can help and we can do more they can do, when they are sat at home on the internet trying to find a person themselves.

Finding people is about building up a clear picture of who you are looking for. Once a customer has asked us to find a person, we ask them specific questions so we can start to build up this picture of the person. Once we have done that we look for gaps in the information that would stop us from being able to locate them. We then fill those gaps by using our skills, systems and experience to really narrow down who we are looking for and then trace them forward to a new address.

We find that people are sceptical about our ability to trace a person from over 50 years ago when all they have is a name, a rough area of the country and a rough age of the person, but by using our skills and experience we can usually narrow the search down pretty quickly.

I appeal to you, not to worry about wasting our time or your own time, we are experts at locating people and we guarantee our results. The risk is ours, we protect our reputation by tracing the correct person every time.

I hope to speak to you soon about finding a person you’ve lost touch with”

If you are looking for someone why not call us on 0113 3660242 and we’ll be happy to help with any assistance and advice we can give you.