How to find information on someone is something that a lot of people wonder. What can you find out? And how do you obtain the information. As a professional people tracer my job is to find out information about people all day every day via our tracing services. So if you’ve wondered how to find information on someone then read on as all will be revealed.

My name is Dave Oates and I’m the head researcher here at People Tracing Experts.

How To Find Information On Someone

So often I’m asked how we find the information we do. Some people I speak to can’t believe how much information we can access on people. I mean how can we find a person who hasn’t been seen for over 40 years and all we have to go on is their name at that time? Also how do we perform an asset search on a person?

Well it’s a combination of accessing data and having the skills to be able to interpret that data in the correct way. There is so much information that can be accessed on a person but you have to know what to look for and where. This doesn’t happen overnight, we work over 100 cases a week and I’ve been at this game a long time so now it’s a rare occurrence when a situation comes up that I’ve not seen before, this gives us a big advantage, we can look at the information we have on the person we are looking for and we can quickly see what information we are lacking and where we can get that information to fill in the blanks.

How To Find Information On Someone

We trace information ethically and all the information we access is publicly available, although to access some of it you must be licensed by various government agencies.
If you’re looking to find out information on people there are some things that you can do today using your computer. I’ve listed them below…

•    Facebook – Having a look at profiles on Facebook is a good way to access information. Some people don’t hide their information on Facebook (you always should!) and because of this you can find out where someone works, who they are in a relationship and a list of their friends.

•    Companies House – Companies House is great for finding out about people who are directors. You can find their home address and what companies they are involved with and the financial affairs of those companies. You can reverse this process and look at companies and then find the directors of them.

•    Find My Past – This is the premier way to locate birth, deaths & marriage information. This can help you to find out when a person was born, who their parents were, where they were born, when they got married, who they married, where they married and when they died, how they died, where they died and who signed the death register. All key information if you want to find out what happened to someone.

I hope these few details help you with How To Find Information On Someone