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    We Find People in the UK, so if you’ve lost contact with someone we can help. Our People Finder service can help you locate any person in the UK for a wide variety of reasons. So if you need to find an old friend or find lost relatives we will help you catch up on old times. Maybe you need to trace a debtor, an ex tenant or locate a land owner? Well, our state of the art people trace systems and experienced researchers will have you back in contact in no time.

    We’ll Trace The EXACT Person You’ve Lost Contact With!

    And unlike other tracing agents we offer you a full guarantee on the information we provide! 

    If you’re looking for a person let our expert team of professional tracers quickly trace the EXACT person you’re looking for to their current address. If you ask us to find someone for you, you’ll be using the UK’s premier people tracing company


    100’s of people use People Tracing Experts to find someone every day!

    Because we have access to the best tracing systems and because we employ specialist trace researchers to find your person,we can find people with only snippets of information like we recently did for Gemma Arnold from Manchester…

    “I have just spoken to my grandad. I can’t believe I doubted you! You found the correct person. Words can’t describe how happy I am. Thank you so so much. I’ll spread the word about how wonderful your company is.”

    Making Sure We Find The Right Person For You…

    Our expert researchers trace people by having access to the most in-depth tracing systems that are avaialble in the UK, we use these systems and the information you supply, to trace the person you are looking for to their current address, only when we find a 100% match will we provide it to you.

    Unlike Other Trace Companies…

    Our systems are not available directly to the public and are far more powerful than the electoral roll data so many other people finding companies rely on. We can access this high-level of information because we are data protection compliant and are regulated by the Credit Services Association, ensuring you receive a safe, legal and accurate service.

    Our team of researchers are experienced in all aspects of finding people in the UK and using genealogy techniques to locate people for you. This means our expert team can solve even the most challenging of cases. Our family search is now a market leader for locating family members and our find the owners of unregistered land service is still unparalleled.

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