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It’s So Hard to Find a Good Friend…

Do you want to bring old memories back to life, bring back the laughter and catch up with an old friend?

You’ve been missing your old friend a long time…but it doesn’t take us long to find them!

Many of us have some great friends but losing touch is just too easy. Before you know it, weeks turns to months and all of a sudden you have no idea where your friend is, or what they are doing.

We understand your situation, as the UK’s leading service for finding old friends, we help people just like you to get back in touch with friends who are missing from their life!

We will help you find your old friend and help you make contact when you are ready,

We are asked by people just like you to trace their friends for a variety of reasons…

  • You might be wondering about your Best mMan – We’ll have you looking at those old photos in no time!
  • You might have an old work mate or armed forces friend you need to contact – Well, you’ll be telling war stories before you know it!
  • Maybe you need to trace a childhood friend or sweetheart – We’ll have you laughing together at the things you used to do!
  • What about an old school friend or college buddy – You’ll be chatting on the phone before you know it!

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Remember, we are the UK’s specialists at tracing your old friends and it is not unusual for us to trace an old friend who has not been seen for 40 years or more. We find people with only small amounts of information just like we did when we located an old friend for John Woodcock from York…

“Thank you so much for finding my friend, I can’t believe you managed to do so when I only had her maiden name and she had been married twice. A Great Service!”

Many People Wonder How We Can Trace the EXACT Person after so many years…

Our specialist team will take the information you provide and cross reference it on our tracing systems, only when we find a 100% match do we provide that information to our customers. Our reputation has been built by making sure we are right every time.


  • We guarantee that we’ll trace the exact person you’re looking for!

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