This post has been written by Ryan Shaw of People Tracing Experts, specialists in finding long lost family by tracing them to their current address.

This is the story of a trace he did for one of our customers, Julie had never met her Dad but it was her half-sister she wanted to find, what happened next was truly amazing!

Julies Story

“I never met my Dad. I knew he was out there but I didn’t know where and whilst I cared, I also didn’t know if I wanted to contact him. I wasn’t sure if I would be well received and I didn’t want to just come out of the woodwork and surprise him. I knew I had a younger half-sister called Laura so I asked People Tracing Experts to trace her for me, he did and it turns out that I had more sisters than I knew about!”

That’s Julies story but from a People Tracing Experts point of view here’s what happened. Julie filled in an enquiry form on our Find Lost Relatives page. We received the enquiry along with tens of others one Wednesday afternoon. Cassie who works here at People Tracing Experts phoned Julie to see what we could do for her. She explained that she was looking for her sister who she thought would be somewhere in Wales as that’s where she is from, Cassie took all the relevant details from Julie and then the case was passed to Dave our head researcher.

Dave’s story

“The case landed on my desk like any other and I quickly got to work. I found Julie did have a sister who had lived in Wales but was now living in Canada called Laura. I also discovered that Julie had another sister who was still in Wales. This was news to Julie and it was a lovely moment telling her that she had another sister called Sarah, you could tell exactly how much it meant to her to get in touch with her dads side of the family. The case was written up and the results of all our findings to our Intermediary specialist Sue Harrison who got to work immediately”

Back to Julie

“Dave from People Tracing Experts phoned me to say the search was a success and all finding had been passed to Sue. He said Sue would call me to start the Intermediary process. I knew I was in good hands and was excited for this next step.”

Over to Sue..

I wrote to Laura via a recorded delivery letter. I didn’t put too many details in. The purpose of the letter is to get a response but not to tell too many details, I want to do that in person.

Laura has sent you a message!!!!!

I was so scared to read it, it was simple and it was to the point when I did….

Are you who I think you are?

It was a magical moment and one I will never forget, of course I messaged back immediately and we have been in touch ever since, I’m also in regular contact with Sarah too and it’s amazing to have these two strong, funny intelligent, happy young ladies in my life, I feel so happy and so blessed to have found them. Even better there is also another sister, she’s only ten though and lives with our Dad. We’re taking things slowly but Laura is coming over from Canada later in the year and we’re all going to meet up then. I can hardly wait.”