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Do You Need To Find The Owner of An Unregistered Property?

Maybe you want to purchase the property? Maybe the property is derelict and needs to be repaired? If the property is not registered with the Land Registry, how do you find the owner? We can help you.

We specialise in tracing the current owners of unregistered property anywhere in the UK!

Our researchers will have you in touch with the owner in days. They use a number of specialised systems to locate the owners, this includes our people finder systems, old maps, archive records and historical documents. The researcher will painstakingly go through these documents and systems to look for any details that can lead them to the owner for you. It is an in-depth and detailed investigation.

  • Our researchers will have you in touch with the owners in a matter of days!
  • You’ll have any issues resolved in next to no time!

Once you have placed your order one of our land specialists will contact you within one hour to discuss the property in question and begin your investigation. If you have any additional documentation, you can supply it to use once you have placed your order to land@findermonkey.co.uk

Once we have located the owner of the property we will supply you with our detailed report and any documents or evidence to support our findings.

Find The Owner

It’s easy to find owners of unregistered property with FinderMonkey…

1. Fill in the form or give us a call on 0113 4363690

2. Our land researcher will put a no obligation quote together for you

3. If you are happy, our search will begin

Average price for all work undertaken is in 90% of cases less than £500.
We provide this service to a large number of solicitors, the public and house builders such as Taylor Wimpey Homes,

“We use FinderMonkey to locate the owners of unregistered pieces of land in the UK. We find their services to be accurate, cost effective and professional. We would have no hesitation in recommending their unregistered land service” Andrew Thorley – Taylor Wimpey Homes

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So if you’re desperate to find out who owns an unregistered property…
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