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Are you trying to find lost family members in the UK?

Maybe you’ve been researching your family history? Or spending time with your family and somebody you care about wasn’t there. Whatever the reason…

We find your lost family for you!

So if you’ve got a distant cousin or a long lost brother you need to contact, maybe you’ve never met your birth parent or have just found out about a long lost relative. Whoever you’re looking for…

We’ll find them for you!

How we work

  • We trace the address of the EXACT person you are looking for – Guaranteed!
  • We can trace them discreetly so you can make first contact!

Unlike other People Tracing Services you may have come across…

  • 1. We’re the UK’s people tracing experts and have been featured in Best Magazine, on BBC Radio and in the Daily Mirror.

  • 2. We work on a ‘No Trace No Fee’ basis – so if we can’t find them there is no charge. Don’t worry about that though, we find 87% of the people we are asked to trace!

  • 3. We are a UK based company, not just a website. If you want your search carried out by a dedicated, easy to talk to team of experienced researchers we’re the right company for you. You can call us on 0113 4363690 for an update, to place an order or just get some advice.

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What to do next…

  • Fill in the order form with as much detail as you have. Don’t worry our experts can find people with only snippets of information.
  • We’ll phone you to discuss the details of your case.
  • Your own researcher will find your lost family member.

Once we have found them you’ll receive your report containing how we found your family member, their address and any available phone numbers.

Many people ask ‘How do I know you’ve traced the correct person?’

We have checks in place to make sure what we do is right first time every time. Our reputation is hard earned and its because we make sure what we provide is correct. The researchers have to have proof that they have traced the correct person before any information is supplied to a customer.


  • We guarantee that we’ll trace the exact person you’re looking for!
  • This service is No Trace No Fee, so if we can’t help, you don’t pay a penny!

So what are you waiting for?

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