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Are you are looking for a living relative? One that you’ve lost touch with or never met? One that you miss and desperately want to get back in touch with?

How do you even start looking for them? How can you contact them?

We Can Help You. We Trace The EXACT Person You Have Lost Touch With!

Best of all, we work on a ‘No Trace No Fee’ service!

As we specialise in tracing people, we have the most accurate data available on the location of UK citizens, much more powerful than a simple electoral roll search. We invest heavily in our tracing systems, our researchers training and our databases; consequently we can trace YOUR living relatives with only small amounts of information. We recently did this for one of our customers Sarah Hutson…

Thank you so much. I finally got to meet my grandmother in April to let her know her family had never forgotten her and we will be with her when she celebrates her 100th birthday this month”

This service is ideal if…

  • You need to get back in touch with a living relative
  • You want to contact a living relative you have never met
  • You simply need to know where a living relative is living

If you want to know how we can be sure if we have found the correct person then you are not alone. We take the details you provide us, we cross reference these details on our people tracing systems. When we obtain a exact match we perform our secondary checks and if we still get a match we know we have found your exact person, this method means we are right, first time, every time!

To find YOUR living relative simply fill in the order form with as much detail as you can about your person and we will do the rest. Don’t worry if you only have a limited amount of information about your relative, we can trace people using the smallest amounts of information.

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  • We guarantee that we’ll trace the exact person you’re looking for!
  • This service is No Trace No Fee, so if we can’t help, you don’t pay a penny!

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