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    Some of the people we have found, reunited and made smile.

    Claire Seville
    Claire & her sister Sarah reunited with their father George after nearly 30 years of being apart.

    Sarah could vaguely remember her father, but Claire had no memory at all as George had left the family home when she was just 3 months old. When we told George that his daughters had been looking for him and would like to be reunited he was overwhelmed with emotions.

    Jeanette Fear
    Jeanette wanted to know about her father and in doing so discovered a whole new family.

    Jeanette knew her father had been married more than once and she was positive there must be some of her long lost family out there she just didn’t know where to start. When she met up with her new family there were no words that could describe how she felt.

    Andrea Wood
    Andrea had never met her father and constantly wondered if she was anything like him.

    When Andrea’s husband lost his father, she realised that life was too short and she desparately needed to know if her father was still alive. When she spoke to her father for the first time she couldn’t stop shaking on the phone and when the call was over the tears began to flow with so many happy emotions.

    People Tracing Experts are Ryan Shaw and John Arko

    About the People Tracing Experts

    The People Tracing Experts are Ryan Shaw and John Arko, who have run FinderMonkey and People Tracing Experts since creating them in 2007. They are now widely regarded as the UK’s leading people tracers. They have been featured on BBC Ones Family Finders TV series since it started.

    David Oates is one of the UK’s leading people tracing experts. Head Researcher at FinderMonkey since 2010. David and his team have found people in all corners of the world and his work has been crucial to the success of FinderMonkey and People Tracing Experts – The UK’s leading Family Finders.

    To start your search contact The People Tracing Experts today here or call us on 0113 366 0242.

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