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Have You Lost Touch With A Family Member?

Losing touch with family is just too easy, months turn to years and before you know it, you’ve lost touch with a family member. What can you even do to get back in touch with them?

We Will Have You Back In Touch In Next To No Time! We Trace Their EXACT Address!

Our family research team have access to the latest people finder and genealogy systems along with thousands of birth, marriage and family records, meaning they have the best chance of locating your missing family members.

Regardless of what you can remember or how long ago you saw the person we will help you. Like we recently did when we found Caroline Bartons family member, in this case the brother she had never met…

“”Thank you so very much for finding my brother. I have been searching for him for over 40 years and can’t believe you managed to find him within 48 hours when I remembered so little about him!”

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Many people want to know how we can be certain we have traced the correct person…

We take the information you provide us and cross reference it on our own tracing systems, we then take any potential matches and obtain documents to confirm which is the correct person. This method means we can guarantee that the results we provide you will always be right, first time everytime – GUARANTEED!

Unlike other trace companies…

  • We trace the exact person for you
  • We trace their current address
  • We have you back in touch in next to no time

Our researchers are highly trained and sympathetic in the work they do. Consequently they can perform your family search  discreetly or can act as a go between until both sides are comfortable with being reunited…

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If need any advice or have any questions regarding our Family search please contact Dave our senior trace researcher or his team on 0113 3660242, they will be happy to help.


  • We guarantee that we’ll trace the exact person you’re looking for!
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So what are you waiting for?

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