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If you are looking for a long lost relative but you don’t have much information for them do not worry…

We Can Still Help You!

Our expert researchers will obtain the key information needed to make tracing your family member possible and then trace them to their current address!

So what is the key information?

Well, to be able to trace somebody we need a previous address within the last ten years, their date of birth and their married name. These are the key things. If you don’t have these details don’t worry we can find them for you and then use them to trace your person.

Due to the work involved we take an initial payment of £149, this means that the researcher can spend the required time locating the key information that makes tracing your relative possible. Once we have this information your case is treated in the usual ‘no trace no fee’ basis.

So when we find your relative a further £150 is paid and your guaranteed results are sent to you. Should we not be successful, we will send you a report of the key information we have found and any documents that we have obtained on your behalf, don’t worry though our success rate on our in-depth work is over 94%

What will I receive?

You will be supplied the address of your relative, plus any available telephone numbers, if they are married or living with anyone, all the documents we have acquired along with one of our aftercare packs which will help you make the first contact, in order to get the best response. All this for a total price of just £299.

We Can Still Help You!


  • We guarantee our results so we’ll trace the exact person you’re looking for!
  • This service is the most detailed and in-depth investigation we offer
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