Tracing Adopted Children

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Do you need to find someone who was adopted as a child?

Tracing adopted children is a very difficult thing to do. Here at FinderMonkey we specialise in locating adopted children ( please be aware the adopted person must be over 21 years old to enable us to perform a search).

If you are looking to find someone who was adopted but you don’t have much information about then do not worry…

We can help you!

Our expert researchers will obtain the key information needed to make tracing an adopted child possible and then trace them to their current address!

To stand any chance of tracing a person who was adopted we need to work out what the person is now called. We perform various searches to ascertain this information and order the relevant documents for you. We then send letters to potential matches and uncover as much information about the adopted person as we can.

We write to the person to confirm that they’re happy to have their details supplied to you and we will then put you back in contact. We realise that this can be a very big step for some people, so we can also act as an intermediary if required until both parties are confident and happy to share their details with each other.

We perform every search ethically and with integrity and guarantee all the results we provide. Our researchers are highly skilled in all matters relating to tracing adopted children

Brother tracing

We trace adopted people to their current address everyday!

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Remember, we can find people with only limited amounts information, we can do this by searching old records, obtaining certificates and cross referencing the information you do supply with our own people tracing systems. Only when we have a 100% match do we tell you that we have found the person you are looking for, like we recently did when we found Caroline Bartons adopted brother who she had never met…

“Thank you so very much for finding my brother. I have been searching for him for over 40 years and can’t believe you managed to find him within 48 hours when I remembered so little about him!”


  • We guarantee to trace the exact person you’re looking for!

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